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Learning Legal with Andrew Easler, Esq.

Andrew David Easler, Esq.

Hosted by practicing attorney Andrew Easler and entrepreneur James White, Learning Legal is an insightful and entertaining podcast set in a relaxed atmosphere designed to inform listeners about a wide variety of legal topics you should know ranging from starting a business to marijuana law, real estate, and estate planning. Discussions ground legal concepts to real-world and current events while explaining key terms and legal jargon along the way.

Our co-host, Andrew Easler draws from his experience as the managing attorney of Easler Law, a Florida-based law firm practicing in the areas of business, securities, real estate, and estate planning. In addition to his law practice, he is a real estate investor, business owner, and adjunct professor at the FAMU College of Law in Orlando, Florida.

Our co-host, James White, started his first business when he was 12 years old with a $20 snow shovel and grew that business into a successful enterprise before selling it off to enter the finance sector. Since then, he has started dozens of successful businesses, become an avid real estate investor, published several books on business, credit, and finance, and helped hundreds of businesses of all sizes across the globe develop strategies for success.

Learning Legal addresses complex and sometimes contentious topics in a manner that is both informational and entertaining while remaining accessible to non-expert listeners.